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Advice: Making Meaningful Changes

dr mary gregory
Dr. Gregory

In 2022, Mary Gregory, OD, FCOVD, managed a major renovation and expansion of her office space at Uptown Eye Care in Monticello, Minnesota. She offers advice to Women In Optometry (WO) readers on making the most of the changes you make in your practice.

Take your time planning. Think about your initiatives and don’t rush the brainstorming process. She recommends looking to other practices for ideas or resources such as WO to find out what’s right for your space, patient base and personality. Dr. Gregory says that the doctors and staff spent two full years making a detailed wish list.

Consider how to improve your and your staff’s everyday routines. That’s important because everyone needs tools to do their jobs well. Some small changes in the optical are making a big difference: printers are located behind drawers to be hidden but still easily accessible, and they switched from a tray system for dispensing to using bags to save space. They also added a second lensometer for prism readings to keep patients and staff from having to wait for one to be available. These changes helped make staff want to come to work in a comfortable place that is both ergonomic and efficient.

Create a zone for decompression. Behind the scenes, each department now has its own breakroom space. Dr. Gregory gave each team a small budget to help them make it their own. They’ve added Keurig machines, special massage chair seating, a couch, TV and fireplace. “It’s not a revenue-producing space, but we’re taking care of the mental health of our team and that makes all the difference of how they take care of our patients,” Dr. Gregory explains. “There’s a little something for everyone, and it’s been exciting for them to be able to spread out and have a comfortable space that is their own.”

WO learned more about Dr. Gregory’s renovations, and you can read about them here. Check out what’s new with Uptown Eye Care on Facebook.

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