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Custom Lens Cloths Show Connection with Community

Erika Morrow, OD, is always thinking of ways to connect with her community. Before she opened ForSight Unique Eye Care & Eye Wear in the historic district of Savannah, Georgia, she commissioned a local artist to paint a picture for her office. Dr. Morrow also requested a digital file of the artwork so that she could create unique lens cloths for her patients.

Dr. Morrow works with the team at Clearlens Cloth for all of her cloths and lens spray, and they were able to print them for her. “It turned out fabulous,” Dr. Morrow says of the cloths, which feature a map of the surroundings of her practice in the city. “I have the next one lined up, too. I love local art, so it is a fun way to include art with ForSight.” The custom creations received a warm reception on social media, and patients can snag one during their visits to the practice.

erika morrow lens cloth
The custom lens cloth features a map of Savannah, Georgia, with her practice marked among the landmarks.

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