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Leverage Year-end Awareness

By Nikki Iravani, OD, of Santa Clara, California

What were your end-of-the-year marketing initiatives and promotions, beyond the typical marketing and regular social media posts you have? It’s a great time of year to be sure that your practice is top of mind when patients are hearing about using their health savings plans and benefits before the end of the year.

Here is what we did.

In the last week of October, we sent an email reminding everyone to schedule their end-of-the-year eye exams. Since we are in Silicon Valley, California, surrounded by technology companies where nearly all employees have VSP insurance, we reminded all of their VSP benefits.

We received immediate response from this email with numerous appointment bookings.

In the second week of November, we sent a “use it or lose it” e-blast. In addition, our shopping center has a poster program, where it prints marketing messages and places them in aisles throughout the center. Our “use it or lose” sign was located throughout the center. We were pleased with the amount of walk-in traffic and appointment bookings.

For cyber Black Friday and cyber weekend, we offered a free blue light protection upgrade, and for Giving Tuesday, we are asking everyone to drop off their old eyeglasses. For those who do, we will comp their optomap.

Finally, we are looking forward to our annual Sip & SEE and annual patient appreciation and holiday trunk show event. We’ll talk more about that next month. What do your end-of-the-year marketing posts look like?

Would you like to share a marketing idea? Dr. Iravani would be happy to hear from you. She can be reached via wovoicesonline@gmail.com.

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