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ABB Optical Group Organizes Fundraiser to Support Humanitarian Efforts for Ukraine

ABB Optical Group, America’s leading independent eye care company, has announced, in light of the devastating humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, that it has organized a fundraiser with the international organization Caritas, to raise critical funds that will help with healthcare, food and shelter for those fighting for freedom and basic human rights. ABB intends to donate thousands of dollars and will be matching, dollar for dollar, all employee donations and is also looking to match a portion of industry donations. ABB Optical has an office close to the Ukraine border in Slovakia, with many of its Slovakian employees seeing firsthand the impact of this crisis. 

Therefore, ABB is encouraging anyone who is looking to help to support this important cause by donating here.

The Caritas organization in Slovakia is providing displaced people on the move with essential information, food, drinking water and personal hygiene kits, as well as a safe place to sleep, eat and bath. Caritas staff and volunteers also provide safe transport for displaced families to reach their loved ones.

“Our hearts go out to the people of the Ukraine, and we extend this support to our employees who are not only close to our Slovakia office but who are also affected personally in many cases due to family and friends who are impacted,” said Tom Burke, CEO of ABB Optical. “Let us all be part of the solution and donate today!”

ABB Optical Group believes in giving back to our communities. The ABB Cares program combines strategic relationships with local and national nonprofits, grants, volunteer activities and other community investments, with the goal of contributing to solutions to help strengthen the communities in which we live and operate.  

Previously the ABB Cares program supported nominations from their eye care professionals nationwide and would provide grants ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 to selected charities. In 2022, the once-a-year program will expand to four fundraising events and two giveback programs throughout the year at all five of ABB’s locations nationwide. The program will also provide employees with paid time off so they can volunteer and give back to their community.

To learn more about ABB Cares program, visit www.abboptical.com/ABBCares.

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