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Provide Fast Access to Eye Care and Eyewear

For two decades, financing with a CareCredit credit card has been a valuable option for patients

Brenda Montecalvo, OD, planned to specialize in optometric vision therapy (VT) when she was opening her cold-start practice about 26 years ago. “VT comes with a pretty big price tag,” Dr. Montecalvo says, as it often requires a 12-month
plan consisting of in-office visits at her Beavercreek, Ohio, office, as well as exercises for home. She found CareCredit when considering different companies to work with for patient financing, and Dr. Montecalvo decided it would be a great addition to the practice.

Two decades later, the relationship still runs strong. There have been modifications to terms and conditions over the years, but
the significance to patients and the practice remains the same, she says. “It’s a nice option for patients and the practice because patients can finance their purchases at an excellent rate, and the practice is paid up front,” Dr. Montecalvo says. “It’s a huge value for patients to spread those payments out but still get the care right away.” Depending on the amount of the purchase and the terms that patients qualify for, patients can take advantage of highly advantageous financing terms.

The CareCredit financing option is referenced during conferences about optometric VT, and it is listed in the practice’s VT contract as a payment option. Or the optical staff may suggest CareCredit when patients or families are purchasing multiple pairs of eyewear. “The cost can seem like a lot, and our opticians offer that we accept CareCredit credit cards as an option if they don’t want to pay for it all upfront,” Dr. Montecalvo says. There are also signs at check-in and check-out to inform patients about CareCredit.

The application process is simple and easy, and many patients apply online at home. There is a laptop available for patients who want to fill out the application in the office. “We get an answer very quickly, and if they qualify, they are eligible to utilize it immediately,” she says. “It’s a positive win-win for everybody, and it eases the burden of putting out the cash at the time of the visit.”

Dr. Montecalvo also appreciates that once an individual is approved, he or she can use the CareCredit credit card just like any other
credit card in the practice, purchasing therapy sessions, contact lenses or eyeglasses for the whole family.

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