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How You Can Provide the Highest Quality of Visual Health Care, Get Paid for Your Services Today and Bypass Vision Plans and Insurance

By Anna Koeck, OD, CEO of Theia Vision Care

Why do you do what you do? This answer drives everything and makes it simple. Simple, however, does not mean easy. What is the biggest concern in your practice? Staff? Patients? Inventory? My colleagues’ worst headaches revolve around insurance and vision plans. Is this the biggest road block to success in your practice? Here is how to remove it.

I am bringing the concept of concierge care specifically to optometry. Concierge care is a relationship between patient and physician where, for an annual fee, the doctor provides enhanced care. The resulting decreased patient load ensures adequate time and availability for each patient. We are the first and only optometry practice to offer this revolutionary option. By removing the barriers between doctor and patient care, I can focus on our why. The Direct Concierge Care model I employ removes third-party restrictions that many insurance companies place on the medical services as well as products to be in-network. This approach allows the doctor and staff to focus wholly on the patient and, in turn, directly pass on the savings. With Koeck Concierge Care, we offer yearly payment options that includes all—yes all, no questions asked—all of our services. Period. At Theia Vision Care, we offer individual, two-person and family plans. Furthermore, with one-year service membership, there is an additional 10 percent benefit toward products. In an unprecedented twist, that information is shared with the patient and is posted directly on the website at theiavisioncare.com, which allows for complete transparency.

One recent 2017 evaluation of the U.S. medical system by the Commonwealth Fund reported that the Unites States spent more and performed the worst out of 11 similar countries. The U.S. is spending the most money and providing the worst health care among our peer countries. This is staggering! Therefore, we at Theia Vision Care have set out to simplify how we provide eye care.

In the U.S. health care system today, often neither the patient nor the provider knows what the final price of medical services may be. Concierge care eliminates all of the uncertainty. In business there is a concept of variability, or how much something can deviate from the normal. The more variability, the more risk. Insurance and vision plans increase the volatility and therefore the risk to your business. You may not know how much you will ultimately get paid for the work you do, when you will get paid or even if you will get paid at all. Does this model make sense? But, doc, you say, I have to take insurance to get behinds in the chair? Do you really? Do your own research. According to the 80/20 rule, 20 percent of your customers provide 80 percent of your profits. In reality, it is more like 90/10 or even 95/5. So, what if, lets get crazy here, we focus on the quality.

Someone very wise told me that we teach others how to treat us. If you are unhappy about how insurance and vision plans treat you, if that does not make sense for you and your business… Reconsider.

If you are ready to define your why and move toward opportunities that support it, concierge care is the way.

Visit theiavisioncare.com, call 262-361-0022 or email welcome@theiavisioncare.com for more information.

Eye Care Because We Care,
Dr. Anna Koeck and the Theia Vision Care Team

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