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Myopia Awareness Week 2024 Website Launches

Myopia awareness week pledge
Download the ECP toolkit here

Myopia Awareness Week 2024 is set for May 13-19, and Review of Myopia Management and BHVI have officially launched the website for the week-long event. The two main components of the website are the ECP Toolkit and the ECP Clinical Resources, both of which are valuable for practitioners during Myopia Awareness Week and beyond.

The ECP Toolkit features a variety of promotional resources for practitioners to show their support of Myopia Awareness Week online. The downloadable toolkit includes:

  • Profile banner images to show your support on Facebook, X, and LinkedIn.
  • Supporter posts to share on social media during Myopia Awareness Week.
  • A campaign poster to help spread awareness in your practice.
  • A printable version of BHVI’s Myopia Management Guidelines
  • A printable version of the International Myopia Institute’s (IMI) Myopia Infographic

Similarly, the ECP Clinical Resources include several tools for practitioners to keep on-hand in their offices to improve their myopia care. The resources include:

  • The IMI’s Myopia Infographic: The IMI has developed a useful communication tool and chairside reference of key myopia management evidence-based information easily accessed by practitioners. It’s also been translated into 15 languages and counting.
  • BHVI’s Myopia Calculator: This tool can help practitioners predict treatment success. The Myopia Calculator shows how treatment combinations can support myopia management and the progression of your patient’s myopia. It’s been updated with the latest myopia management treatment options.
  • BHVI’s Myopia Management Guidelines: This desk-side reference can aid in consultations, risk assessments, developing management strategies, and establishing follow-up frequencies with patients. The downloadable tool has also been updated with the latest findings from the IMI.
  • Review of Myopia Management’s Relative Risk Graphic: Practitioners can download and print this chart as a proof source for parents of the odds ratio of ocular disease as a function of myopia relative to emmetropia. The chart is available in two sizes – one for poster-size printing and one for parent handouts.
  • IRA Flowchart: The Initial Refractive Assessment Flowchart can be used for reference in clinical settings, and serves as a resource for the primary and secondary prevention of myopia.

At the Myopia Awareness Week website, ECPs can subscribe for regular during May 13-19 updates to get the latest news and information about how to spread awareness about the available treatments to slow the progression of myopia worldwide..

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