Doing the Right Thing

For Mark D Jackson, OD, of Jackson Eye Care in Ft. Collins, Colorado, the choice of whether or not to close was a clear one. “As a business owner, I would have been the mean guy if I said, ‘We’ve got to stay open,’” says Dr. Jackson. “I’d feel guilty if I had an employee who got COVID. I want my sta­ to be safe.” Noting the volume of people who would come into the Walmart where his practice is located for necessary groceries and essential goods, he opted to close out of an abundance of caution from March 13 through May 4. Jackson Eye Care did not entirely shut down, however…Read more

Research and Clinical Practice Combine to Fuel Preference for One-Day Lenses

Despite the distinctly different customer demographics in the two independent practice that Seena Shyu, OD, has in Walmart stores in Dallas, Texas, oneday contact lenses are a hit in both. Dr. Shyu joined a practice in a Walmart in Dallas soon after she graduated. In 2012, Walmart o­ ered her the lease to the Red Oak location, and she picked up a second in south Dallas in 2014…Read more

Contact Lenses Help Boost Recovery – COVID

Sarah Kurtis, OD, with independent practices inside two Walmart stores in Davenport, Iowa, says that the demand for contact lenses has grown signi‑ cantly since she reopened after being closed to routine care earlier in 2020. “People who were on the fence about wearing contact lenses before are wearing their masks and getting frustrated that their eyeglasses are fogging up. We’ve had a lot of people coming in now who really want to switch to contact lenses, she says…Read more

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