Ceramic Mugs and Bowls By Dr. Christie Cerwinka 

NOTE: New mugs are now live in the shop! Christie Cerwinka, OD, of Lilburn, Georgia, has pursued pottery as a creative outlet for the past...

Four Ways to Make Your Practice Feel Like Home

By Kimberly Johnson Ragan, OD—It’s important to make patients feel comfortable in your practice. Not only does it affect their patient experience on the day of their exam, but it also can influence their decision to continue to come to you for their eye care needs.

Three Ways Disability Insurance Protects Your Optometry Practice

By Jeffrey Benowitz, CLU, ChFC, of Certified Financial Services, LLC—Optometrists value the health and safety of their patients first and foremost, and their own risk for an extended absence from work can become an afterthought.

Step Away From the Old Mascara Tube

In her quest to translate the science of ocular surface disease to layman-speak in 2002, Amy Gallant Sullivan, executive director and co-creator of the Tear Film & Ocular Surface Society, got curious.

Long-awaited Expansion Allows OD to Double Her Space

At the 10-year anniversary celebration of Bella Eye Care in August 2021, Judy Nguyen, OD, recalls guests telling her that they would love it...

Dr. Melanie Weiss: Being Clean and Sober Is an Amazing Feeling...

Melanie Weiss, OD, in the second part of a two-part podcast, describes how she found help in treatment and in a supportive community, including optometrists who helped her keep her practice afloat after news of her opioid addiction became publicly known. Now back at work, she dedicates 20 percent of her time to talking about addiction and recovery and has launched Vision of Hope at myvisionmyhope.com. Asking for help doesn't make you weak, she says. It makes you strong.
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