Sisters Work Smarter the Second Time Around

Sairah Malik, OD, and Sana Malik, OD, make an excellent team. The sisters, six years apart, realized they have complementary strengths that make for a great partnership.

Getting Over Burnout When You Can’t Find Coverage for Your Sublease

By Maria Sampalis, OD—Workplace burnout is highly troublesome and distressing in corporate optometry.

Construction Delays Leave More Time for Decisions

Bank-to-office construction finally underway A fundamental rule contractors often tell clients is that the project could take about twice as long as anticipated. Samantha Hornberger,...

Neurolens Creates Report to Help ECPs Raise Awareness Among Those Suffering...

The first step toward determining which patients are actually candidates for Neurolenses patented contoured prism lenses is to ask them a series of standardized...

4 Monos: A Toast to Friendship, Terroir and Timeless Connections

By Nadia Virani, OD, Chief Clinical Officer | EVP Eyecare -- and sommelier In the world of wine, every bottle holds a story, a connection to...

SECO Announces Its 2022 Award Winners

SECO International, the world’s leading annual conference providing ophthalmic professionals with outstanding educational opportunities since 1923, proudly announces the recipients of its 2022 awards. SECO...
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