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Marco Brings Efficiency and More Opportunities for Delivering Care

In any industry, it can be advantageous to stay updated with the latest technology and patient care procedure in order to stand out amongst your competitors. Patricia Poma, OD, of Bloomfield Township, Michigan, believes in constantly bettering her practice for her patients, and her relationship with Marco has allowed her to do that.

Marco TRS-6100

Marco helped Dr. Poma update the practice’s “super old” phoropter with the Marco TRS-6100 automated refraction system. The practice now utilizes six of these systems, one in each exam lane. A speedy, efficient refraction allows Dr. Poma and her team to spend more time discussing other needs with the patient, including ocular health, dry eye care and lens upgrades. The tech improvement could not have come at a better time for Birmingham Vision Care and Vision Development Center as the practice continues to take extra health precautions due to the COVID-19 pandemic; the TRS has a tabletop console that allows her to sit a distance away from the patient, keeping both the provider and patient safer.


The system lets her toggle between old and new prescriptions, allowing patients to see for themselves how much of an improvement a new prescription can have. That has increased sales. “I’ve seen a tangible return on investment and a higher capture rate thanks to the TRS,” Dr. Poma says. The system is also designed to be less strenuous on the user’s arms and shoulders, making her day a bit easier, too. The console allows her to avoid the repetitive strain of adjusting a manual phoropter.


Marco Equinox low-level light therapy (LLLT) system

In an effort to do more for her patient base, Dr. Poma has recently acquired the Equinox low-level light therapy (LLLT) system from Marco. She says it has been the best piece of technology the practice has acquired “in the past decade.”

“Having the Equinox differentiates us from competitors and helps us maximize profitability,” Dr. Poma says. “Plus, the patients are happy that their eye care provider is taking their dry eye complaints seriously.”  She and her team started with the Equinox for dry eye treatment and reducing styes. Dr. Poma says that patients feel more at ease with a LLLT approach than laser treatments. “Patients love it– they come back and ask to receive the treatment again,” she says. “Other dry eye options have been like pulling teeth.”


Marco VisuALL

Dr. Poma believes in keeping her practice updated and appreciates that Marco recognizes the need for constant improvement, too. “Change or die,” Dr. Poma says. “If your technology is not up-to-date, patients may get a perception that they are not getting the best care possible. That first impression is important.” She is adding the VisuALL S Virtual Reality Platform to her office. This headset-enabled testing system allows/will allow her to perform multiple eye tests without the need for a special testing place or extra preparations. The portable device is ideal for special testing on pediatric patients or those with mobility issues.

At the moment, VisuALL tests include visual perimetry, visual acuity and color vision, with more coming soon.


Using Marco’s customer support functions, Dr. Poma and her team can view product descriptions on the website for easy troubleshooting – or her designated representative is “only a phone call away.”  Dr. Poma says, “You don’t get that kind of service everywhere.”

Marco has helped Dr. Poma save time per patient while providing her with the latest and greatest in industry technology. Through the partnership, she has been able to keep both her staff and patients happy and see her business bloom.


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