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Wow Your Patients With Technology

Automated refraction continues to impress patients, benefit practice

It’s been nearly three years since Karen Wolf, OD, added the TRS-5100 autorefraction system from Marco to her Ponte Vedra, Florida, practice, Ponte Vedra Associates, yet the instrumentation still regularly catches the attention of her patients.
“Every single day that I am at work, multiple patients comment on the technology we have, especially when we have completed the refraction and push the ‘magic button’ that transfers our measurements from the phoropter to the patient record displayed on the computer screen,” Dr. Wolf says.

Many offices have state-of-the-art diagnostic technology that relatively few patients see. But nearly every patient has a touchpoint with the TRS-5100, and that makes an immediate impression. It builds the practice’s reputation as a high-tech office, especially because it’s such a change from the refraction process to which most people are accustomed. Dr. Wolf says that the wow factor since adding the TRS to the practice has been just one of the benefits. “After three years, we love it more than ever,” she says. It didn’t take long for the practice to gain efficiency when the TRS-5100 system was installed at the end of 2013. And now that the TRS-5100 is fully integrated with the practice electronic health records (EHR), the refraction process is simplified and automated even further with less room for error. “It saves us significant time by eliminating the need for manual data entry into OfficeMate,” Dr. Wolf explains. “Refraction data is now electronically transferred into our EHR in just seconds.”

Adding the TRS-5100 has made an impact on optical sales, as well. “I believe that the benefits of the TRS trickle down to the
optical department, too,” she says. “Once you show patients the difference between their old eyeglasses and their new prescription—with just the push of a button on the TRS—they are much more inclined to order new eyeglasses,” Dr. Wolf says. It’s made the biggest difference with patients who may have been hesitant in the past about getting a new pair of eyeglasses for a minimal prescription change. “The ones on the fence are much more likely to head to the optical when you can show them the improvement and compare it to their old Rx in a flash.”

Another major benefit is that the ergonomics of the instrumentation allows her to work in a more comfortable position, eliminating
or reducing neck and arm strain during refractions. Ponte Vedra Eye Associates will be adding another exam lane soon, and Dr. Wolf
says that she’s looking forward to working with Marco again to equip that space.

She often shares her experiences with the TRS technology with her colleagues because she remembers how much a personal testimonial from her Florida colleague and WO Professional Co-editor April Jasper, OD, FAAO, impacted her own decision to move forward with the investment. Dr. Wolf was able to update the office’s standard, manual technology and also take advantage of IRS Section 79 tax advantages. “It was time for a change, time to evolve into an automated, state-of-the-art refractive system,” Dr. Wolf recalls. Today, she couldn’t be more confident in her decision. “It is simply a great way to improve practice efficiency and impress your patients along the way,” Dr. Wolf says. “It’s a great feeling when patients realize they are getting the most advanced eye exam that they have had in a long time.”

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