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The McGee Group Unveils Kids’ Slate of Eyewear

Back-to-school lineup features new looks, recolorings of popular frames

Vera Bradley Merit Citrus Paisley

The back-to-school lineup from The McGee Group features a host of kids’ eyewear made up of new releases from Vera Bradley and Life is Good. These well-known lifestyle and apparel brands collaborate with The McGee Group to develop exclusive, fun and durable kids’ eyewear lines. The lineup covers a wide range of looks, ensuring the youngest members of the family will be in style from summer through the fall.

Vera Bradley is bringing 10 new frames to the market exclusively for kids, including four
available in June. Emelie, available in Plum Pansies and Prairie Paisley, is an easy-to-wear
recoloring of this popular frame. It features a two-tone colored acetate with a flat rivet pin décor and the signature Vera Bradley pattern extending down the temples. Merit, available in Citrus Paisley and Prairie Paisley, is another recoloring and boasts blue and purple acetate eye rims with diamond foil décor on the corners for a bit of sparkle. Minnie,
available in Citrus Paisley, also is a recoloring and has a square shape with a beautiful, green colored acetate front and the Vera Bradley pattern on the temples.

Suki is a soft, easy-to-wear shape with a subtle uplift and double laminate crystal front.
Available in Sunflowers and Citrus Paisley, it has a Vera Bradley metal foil logo décor.
Six additional frames will be released in September, including the easy-to-wear Annabel,
available in Happiness Returns Pink and Rose Toile. It features the signature Vera Bradley
pattern printed on its temples. The Happiness Returns Pink colorway incorporates a subtle,
glitter acetate. Dylan is a recoloring available in Plum Pansies with a solid color brow milled
away to reveal a crystal lower eye rim. Kelsea, available in Black Bandana Medallion and Rose Toile, is an oversized retro shape with an updated silhouette. It has a layered metal brow with a thinner lower eye rim and Vera Bradley patterns printed on the temples.

Maisie is a modern, oversized shape available in Prairie Paisley and Citrus Paisley with those signature patterns along the inside temples. Naomi is a recoloring available in Black Bandana Medallion and Prairie Paisley with lamination on the temples that extend to the front edges, as well as the signature patterns printed on the temples. Oaklyn, available in Citrus Paisley and Prairie Paisley, has a rounded silhouette with the patterns printed on the temples.

Life is Good will be releasing nine new frames for kids, with four slated to come to market in June. Eve, available in Blue Fade and Pink Fade, boasts a soft, rounded shape with an acetate front with horizontal dual fade and tri-fade coloring. Ford, which comes in Brown and Matte Black, is a kids’ version of the popular men’s frame, Archer, and features a flat, metal front in a classic rectangular shape.

Life Is Good new releases (l-r): Pippin, Ollie, Urban and Gabby

Urban, which is patterned after the men’s frame Adam, is a thin, lightweight frame made of
durable HD acetate with a striped pattern that fades to solid coloring on the bottom. It is
available in Blue and Green. Zuri is modeled after the ladies’ frame, Taylor, and it features a thin profile with a crystal front and beautiful, uniquely marbled temples.

In August, five additional frames from Life is Good will hit the market, including Caylen which is available in Blue and Purple. It features a round metal shape with contrasting color and shiny, finished metal eye rims. Gabby is a recoloring of a popular frame now available in Pink featuring an easy-to-wear shape and pink floral lamination at the corners that extend through the temples. Hugo, available in Black and Brown, features a unique, soft square shape with a flat metal front and acetate temples. Ollie, available in Blue Horn and Green, is a kids’ version of Crew and is a vintage-inspired round shape with a keyhole bridge. Pippin is the kids’ version of Amara, featuring a slightly oversized, square shaped frame that is available in Grey and Teal.

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