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Reception Room Publication to Help Doctors Spread the Word

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Natural Eye Care and You is a 16-page publication developed by Natural Ophthalmics to share information about natural eye care for the whole family. It is designed as a visually appealing waiting room publication that encourages patients to ask questions of their eye care providers about how natural eye care treatments can help them with a variety of conditions, such as dry eyes, allergies and more.

The publication introduces the concepts of natural eye care, explaining how natural eye care, such as homeopathy and herbs, is different from conventional eye treatments. The publication also emphasizes that the two are not mutually exclusive, and a number
of optometrists are quoted in the publication talking about how they’ve integrated natural eye care into their more traditional eye care practices.

Dry eye symptoms and treatments are covered in some detail in this publication. The two-page spread on dry eye includes a self-assessment quiz that encourages patients to discuss any dry eye symptoms with their eye care provider. The publication recommends Natural Ophthalmics’ line of Tear Stimulation Drops as an ideal first line of treatment, especially before taking prescription anti-inflammatory drugs, which can suppress the immune system and cause side effects. “Natural Ophthalmics Drops are preservative-free and professional quality. They’re not available in drug stores because they are symptom-specific formulas and
potencies,” says the publication.

A spread on allergies similarly encourages patients to recognize those symptoms that might be related to ocular allergies. It
explains how Natural Ophthalmics’ Allergy Desensitization Drops work differently from conventional therapies, as these drops stimulate the body’s own ability to eliminate symptoms of ocular allergies.

The cover story is an extended interview with Elise Brisco, OD, FAAO, FCOVD, CCH, who describes how her own interest in complementary and alternative medicines has grown and how she has incorporated a wider range of treatment options in her own integrative medicine practice in Hollywood, California.

In addition to describing the role of a variety of Natural Ophthalmics products, Natural Eye Care and You also provides useful eye health information to patients. Topics include myopia progression and the importance of outdoor play for children and taking breaks from digital screens. It emphasizes the importance of protecting eyes of all ages from the harmful effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. It even covers topics such as presbyopia and a healthy diet to provide readers with interesting and varied topics.

Natural Eye Care and You was distributed with the October 2016 issue of Review of Optometry. For ODs who did not receive a copy or would like replacements for their offices, click here or call 877-220-9710. Click here to view the digital version.

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