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Headache Relief Is Evident With First Trial Demonstration

Specialized lenses to help patients with trigeminal dysphoria is a true practice differentiator

ray corbin simonRay Corbin-Simon, OD, of Piscataway, New Jersey, says that she had been dealing with a lingering headache that never quite went away for years. She relied on regular chiropractic visits to alleviate the pain and stiffness in her head and neck, as well as the addition of some simple vertical prism in her eyeglasses to correct her decompensated phoria. So when one of her clients from The Power Practice asked her if she had heard of neurolens, Dr. Corbin-Simon was amazed by the potential of the technology. She says that she needed to learn more about how it worked.

She visited the neurolens booth at Vision Expo East last year, and she went through the test on the neurolens tracking device. It was determined that a horizontal phoria component could alleviate her issues. Using a trial frame with a horizontal phoria option, she found her visual comfort improved. Through a conference with The Power Practice, she had the opportunity to try out the technology twice more. “That headache that I’ve learned to live with started to subside,” she says. That third time was the charm; she felt almost immediate relief. “Everything was clear.” On the way home from the conference, Dr. Corbin-Simon started her list of existing patients whom she knew could benefit and may be suffering from trigeminal dysphoria.

Dr. Corbin-Simon ordered the neurolens tracking device, which objectively and accurately can measure the degree of eye misalignment at distance and near, and she received it in her office in July 2019. She fit herself first, and her personal experience propelled her forward in recommending the product for others. “It’s been amazing. The pain that I used to feel in my neck has dissipated, and I can comfortably sit and read with my eyeglasses, which I couldn’t do before,” she says. “I haven’t seen a chiropractor since then. I’m a true example that this does work.”

corbin simon trigeminal nerveThe staff was trained by the neurolens team over the course of two days, and now all patients complete a neurolens Lifestyle Index questionnaire during their visit to determine if they have symptoms that might be eased by wearing neurolenses®. If they score higher than a 3 in certain categories, they will be evaluated on the tracking device, which takes just a few minutes. Dr. Corbin-Simon always shares her personal story when she makes her recommendation, and she’s already successfully fit dozens of patients.

Dr. Corbin-Simon loves when patients share their positive results, as well. A recent patient who spends long hours on the computer was no longer feeling fatigue throughout the day, as was a young graduate student who wears her neurolenses over her contact lenses during her long hours of studying. Dr. Corbin-Simon continues to reach out to patients whom she believes could benefit, and she also promotes neurolens on her social media and is listed as a provider on the company’s website.

Patients who opt out of neurolenses during this visit are reminded that they can come back if they change their mind. The company offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Patients have the option to return the product if they aren’t entirely happy, but only one patient has taken up that offer. Dr. Corbin-Simon expects to see an increase in patients who are experiencing these symptoms as patients continue to spend more time using digital devices. “We need to keep up with what’s going on with our patients as technology changes,” she says.

Instead of focusing on industry disruptors, she advises looking for opportunities. “This is truly a fantastic device that will escalate our profession. This standout technology can alleviate many of our patients’ symptoms and keep them from jumping from practice to practice to get their problem resolved.”

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