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2022 Women In Optometry Gift Guide: Apparel And Accessories


Women In Optometry is excited to share its fourth annual gift guide. This collection of unique gifts is showcases a strong passion for optometry, optical and all things eye-related, created and curated by women who are in, connected to or inspired by the industry.

Each year, we’re pleased to introduce you to new shops, as well as remind you of individuals who have been featured in past gift guides. Find a wide variety of unique items from artwork to apparel, accessories and much more! And as you consider these for your holiday gifts, don’t forget that these shops are also open all year and could become a great go-to shopping spot for gifts for birthday, practice anniversaries and much more!

Are you a maker or crafter of optometry-related gifts? Do you have another small business or a side hustle you’d like to share? Tell us!


Unique Beaded Jewelry By Dr. Sasha Patel

Apparel, Accessories, Jewelry And More From Dr. Amy Moy

Optometry Gifts By Optometry Student Thuy Xuan Dang

VimHue Athletic Caps By Dr. Katy Craft Lim

Deck The Halls: Decor And More By Dr. Naba Khan

Pin And Stick It: Boss Lady Line By Dr. Lydia Liu

Eye-Catching Jewelry and Accessories By Dr. Keylee Brown

Personalize Your White Coat: Pins And Badge Wheels By Helen Truong, Optometry Student

Outtakes On Optical By Arlene D’Abreau

Artistic Eyepieces By Preet Kalra

One-Stop Optical Gift Shop: OpticalGifts.Com By Carissa Dunphy, Optician

Eyewear Love Affair By Autianna Wilson

The Octician By Jessica Curnew

Bella Lee Eyewear & Gift Boutique By Keontae Murray

Be Seen By Staci Rutherford

Chic And Versatile: Apparel By Jennifer Centeno

What the Cool Kids (and Adults) Are Wearing By Jessica Butler 

The Anatomical Eye By Dr. Lisa Ostrin 

The Grateful OD Fashion By Dr. Yen Sou


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