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Americans Appreciate Their Managed Vision Plans

Report from The Vision Council shows high levels of satisfaction with managed vision plans

The Vision Council released a new report with key insights into attitudes of U.S. consumers towards their managed vision care plans. The report, Focused inSights 2023: Managed Vision Care, examines how U.S. adults enroll in managed vision care (MVC) plans, satisfaction with their current vision insurance providers, levels of coverage for various products and services, and how having managed vision care coverage affects consumer choices related to eyecare providers and optical purchases.

“This research shows that American consumers have access to a variety of vision insurance plans that satisfy most of their needs and keep them enrolled as long they understand the benefits they receive – which is great news,” said Alysse Henkel, senior director of market research and analytics at The Vision Council. “Consumer clarity about the benefits of their plan is key to satisfaction, so consumer education should be the focus of communication between providers and their members.”


  • 86% of respondents plan to keep their vision insurance coverage next year, with 87% of those intending to stay with the same provider.
  • Respondents with employer sponsored plans had higher overall plan satisfaction and were more likely to recommend their plan than those with individual or government sponsored plans.

chart showing patients motivation in choosing a specific eye care provider, with in-network participation selected by 91%
Source: The Vision Council

  • Respondents with government sponsored plans were twice as likely to report spending less than $50 on their prescription glasses compared to respondents with other types of plans.

The VIsion Council found that 65% of respondents with a government sponsored managed vision plan had an eye exam once a year
Source: The Vision Council

  • • 86 percent of respondents with individual plans were fairly or very confident that they understand the benefits of their vision insurance plan.
  •  However, those with low confidence were substantially less likely to recommend their plan to others.

See highlights of the study here.

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