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BHVI Signs Multi-year, Multi-million-dollar Deal with Optometry Giving Sight USA

Brien Holden Vision Institute (BHVI) has signed a multi-year, multi-million-dollar deal with Optometry Giving Sight USA (OGS) to continue as its preferred project implementation partner. BHVI’s Foundation will provide these key services to OGS. CooperVision (part of Cooper Companies Inc, NYSE: COO) has also renewed its PLATINUM sponsorship of the global OGS organization.

Around the world, there are more than 1.22 billion people who are unnecessarily blind or vision impaired due to a lack of access to eye examinations and appropriate glasses, including tens of millions of children with uncorrected myopia. Optometry Giving Sight is a global fundraising initiative who, since 2017, has helped more than 4 million people, in 32 countries by funding basic eye care services. Optometry Giving Sight has funded training more than 2,614 eye care personnel and has supported more than 1,100 eye care centres and optical laboratories around the world.

“BHVI has been working with OGS since its inception to deliver these services across
the globe,” says BHVI CEO Yvette Waddell. “We are delighted to continue to work with both OGS and CooperVision to continue to deliver these key services.” “As world leaders in the optometry field, we have developed the technology and the skills to alleviate and treat vision impairment and we have a social responsibility to share our knowledge with those less fortunate. We take great pride in our relationship with OGS and the wonderful work they do and are delighted that Cooper Vision will be continuing their Platinum Sponsorship.”

“Our goal within the foundation is to make the maximum possible impact with what we have. This deal with OGS means that we can continue to focus on that—optimizing the outcomes for all involved.” Says Tim Fricke, Acting Executive Director of the BHVI Foundation.

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