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Black Friday Was a Holiday for Many

Most of the respondents—64 percent—of a recent Women In Optometry Pop-up Poll said that their offices were going to be closed for Black Friday. Another 18 percent said that the office would be open, but the respondent was not working that day.

We note, however, that 69 percent of the respondents to the poll said that they were the owner/partner/boss in their practice, and only 30 percent were employees.

Respondents reflected a variety of strategies for whether such holidays are paid days for staff. Fully one-third of respondents said that it is a paid holiday (16 percent said it’s a holiday for all employees, and 18 percent said it’s a paid day for full-time staff). Another 25 percent said that it can be taken as a paid flex-time day for those who have the time remaining and the remainder said it is not a paid holiday.

Only 15 percent of those who planned to be open anticipated offering any special Black Friday promotions.

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