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FDA Gains Some Authority to Regulate Cosmetics

Variety of makeup powders, shadows, blushes and brushes. The cosmetics industry is not heavily regulated.
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In late 2022, passage of The Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act of 2022 (MoCRA) became a significant expansion of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authority to regulate cosmetics.

According to the FDA, Americans use an average of six to 12 cosmetics products daily. These include makeup, nail polishes, shaving cream and other grooming products, perfumes, face and body cleansers, haircare products, moisturizers and other skincare products.

According to the FDA website, MoCRA provides the FDA with access, in certain conditions, to records related to a cosmetic product, including safety records, and mandatory recall authority, if the FDA determines that there is a reasonable probability that a cosmetic is misbranded or can cause adverse health conditions.

The law requires that cosmetics manufacturers report adverse events, register their facilities facilities with the FDA and renew that registration every two years, provide a list for the company’s marketed cosmetic products with ingredients to the FDA with annual updates and substantiate the safety of the products.

The site notes that the regulations will be established by the FDA for the following:

  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements for facilities that manufacture cosmetic products.
  • Fragrance allergen labeling requirements.
  • Standardized testing methods for detecting and identifying asbestos in talc-containing cosmetic products.

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