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Gov. DeSantis Vetoes Florida SB 230

On June 2, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis vetoed SB 230, the bill that disallowed Florida optometrists and other non-MD health care professionals from calling themselves physicians.

letter from Gov. DeSantis showing his veto of SB 230
Credit: Florida Governor’s Office

According to floridapolitics.com, which posted the news shortly after the veto was signed, the governor gave no reason for the veto, that had passed the state House and Senate in early May.

Dave Ramba, lead lobbyist for the Florida Optometric, issued this statement, according to the article. “We thank the Governor that he heard the outcry from the profession that SB 230 would bring optometry and primary eye care backwards when we work hand in hand throughout Florida as doctors and physicians with our partners in ophthalmology to provide exceptional service to Floridians. Optometrists have a doctorate and are defined as physicians under state and federal laws and should be able to advertise themselves as such.”


record of SB 230 and the legislative activity of the past month
It was a busy month for SB 230: Health Care Practitioner Titles and Designations, which ended up with a veto on June 2.


Hear responses from ODs in Florida and nationwide here. 

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