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Me Time: Alone at Last

Only 21 percent of respondents in poll said that they get adequate time to recharge

When they do get the opportunity for some down time, the majority of respondents, nearly 60 percent, said they prefer to send to spend it doing something solitary, like reading, exercise or shopping. The next largest group are the workaholics, the 18 percent who said that they use found down time to get work done. Another 11 percent use it to catch up on some ZZZs, while 9 percent said they’d spend it with a partner or spouse. Two percent of respondents said they’d create some spontaneous family event with found time.

Finding me time is easier said than done, say most respondents. While 26 percent say that scheduling me time on a routine basis is essential, another 28 percent say that they do schedule it, but it’s often sacrificed for other things. Another 19 percent say that they try to schedule special time but it’s rarely just for themselves, and 26 percent say me time simply isn’t in the cards.

Fewer than one-third of the respondents (30 percent) said that they schedule some self-indulgences (mani/pedis, personal trainers, salon time for example). Another 24 percent do schedule those events, but that carries some guilt with it. Twenty-six percent said they hope to do so sometime, and 17 percent said scheduling events like this is unlikely.

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