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New Patent Awarded For Dry Eye Treatment

Latest Patent Covers Novel Dry Eye Treatment Via the Autonomic Nervous System

Genetic Disease Investigators, LLC is proud to announce receipt of their second patent, U.S. Patent No. 10,238,673 B2, addressing dry eye treatment via a unique avenue—the autonomic nervous system. This patent is in addition to U.S. Patent No. 9,271,953 for treatment of autonomic dysfunction.

Inventor and President of Genetic Disease Investigators, Diana Driscoll, OD, explains how this was formulated: “This invention was born out of necessity for answers! I was a patient with dramatic autonomic dysfunction. One of the avenues of my research included normal tear production and how the autonomic nervous system affects basal or normal tear production, as well as the role of inflammation. No one has considered addressing the role of the autonomic nervous system as an avenue for dry eye treatment. Because I was personally affected, as were my children, we were motivated to get answers that have been missed by others.” More about Dr. Diana Driscoll can be found here.

The invention patents the treatment of dry eyes in a unique way—by targeting the parasympathetic nervous system. The parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for both tear production and the control of inflammation. The combination of increased basal tears with controlled inflammation is a powerful one. Thus, this novel approach to dry eye treatment is unique in its approach to dry eye treatment in two ways:

It supports the lacrimal nerve by supplying everything the nerve needs to communicate with the lacrimal gland, which is responsible for basal tear production.

It supports the vagus nerve (also by supporting acetylcholine needed by this nerve) to help control inflammation that can cause or worsen dry eyes.

All of the ingredients are Generally Regarded As Safe “GRAS” by the FDA. These ingredients are combined into a supplement blend and are now available without a prescription. More information is available at here.

Dr. Richard Driscoll explains, “As doctors, we have so many treatment options for patients with dry eyes, yet many patients are frustrated because their dry eyes are often only marginally controlled. But when we treat this by also supporting the parasympathetic nervous system we can often get a better result for the patient. Patients love how they can also enjoy improved digestion, less constipation, and less mental fatigue or “brain fog.” Patients never consider the possibility that these symptoms could all be related—and their symptoms may not be due to aging or high levels of stress after all.”

This second patent concerning the autonomic nervous system, puts Genetic Disease Investigators, LLC at the forefront of developing unique products for many frustrating illness that are often considered “invisible” or difficult to treat.

For more information on the work by Genetic Disease Investigators, LLC, created by the Driscolls in 2012, visit GeneticDZ.com and here.

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