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Optometry Giving Sight Grants More Than $800,000 in Project Funding for 2021

Optometry Giving Sight (OGS) has awarded more than $800,000 in grant funding for eye care projects around the world for communities in need.

In a joint statement from Juan Carlos Aragon, OD, chair of the U.S. board, and Susan Cooper, OD, chair of the Canadian board, the two said, “We are delighted that we were able to designate funds for 26 projects in over 21 different countries, including the United States and Canada, during our Spring and Fall funding cycles. We want to thank all our donors for their incredible support this year.”

Anne Marie Hand, executive director at Optometry Giving Sight, said, “Our donors truly make a difference in the lives of thousands of people every year and we are so grateful for their support. All the projects we funded represent our dedication to the three pillars of OGS:

• Train community members to become eye care professionals

• Establish and support schools of optometry and vision centers

• Deliver eye care services to communities in need.”

Starting in 2022, and in subsequent years, OGS will move from two funding cycles per year to one, which will occur each summer. More information will be available early in 2022 on the OGS website at givingsight.org.

The following table provides the names of all our implementing partners who received a grant this year.

Organization Project Location

Asia Pacific Council of Optometry  Worldwide (virtual)
Brien Holden Foundation  Tanzania
Brien Holden Foundation  Vietnam
Ecole d’optométrie de l’université  de montréal Mali
Global Ophthalmic Institute  South Africa
India Vision Institute  India
Mzuzu University  Malawi
Ohio Optometric Foundation  United States
Operation Eyesight  India
Penonome Lions Club  Panama
Restoring Vision  Dominican Republic
Right to Sight  Ghana


Saving KidSight  United States
See Better. Learn Better  Jamaica
Seva Foundation  Nepal
Siloam Mission  Canada
Special Olympics  Kenya, United States & Virtual
Symbiosis International  Bangladesh
Ver Bien para Aprender Mejor  Mexico
Vision Aid Overseas  Sierra Leone
Vision for the Poor  Guatemala
Vision Institute of Canada  Canada
Vision Spring  Ghana & Vietnam
VOSH California  Nicaragua
VOSH International (2)  Worldwide


credit: Optometry Giving Sight

Visit givingsight.org.

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