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Product Launch at AAO: Alcon Launches TOTAL30 Multifocal Contact Lenses

box shot of new total 30 multifocal contact lensesAlcon announced the global launch of TOTAL30® Multifocal, the first and only monthly Water Gradient multifocal contact lens—it feels like nothing even at day 30.1 The lenses have begun to roll out in the United States and in select international markets.

Presbyopia is the gradual decline of the eye’s ability to focus on nearby objects, causing them to appear blurry and out of focus.6 It is an eye condition that is a natural part of aging.6 Many lens wearers stop wearing contact lenses after age 40 due to lens dryness, discomfort and visual acuity issues and often begin wearing bifocals or reading glasses.Patients are also on their digital devices more than ever, leading to digital device dryness.8 The new TOTAL30 Multifocal lens helps outsmart digital device dryness by utilizing a proprietary Water Gradient Technology to deliver nearly 100% water at the surface of the lens.9-10

With the introduction of TOTAL30 Multifocal, Alcon continues to launch innovations in fast-growing markets. Data indicate that the multifocal contact lens market is valued over $1 billion globally and growing double digit annually—more rapidly than the contact lens category as a whole.5 With the prevalence of presbyopia reaching 80% by age 45-55,and an increasingly aging population, the category is expected to be poised for continued growth.11 Alcon’s TOTAL30 Multifocal lenses are uniquely positioned within this market, offering Alcon’s premium Water Gradient innovation at the more accessible price point of monthly lenses.

“With Water Gradient Technology, DAILIES TOTAL1® Multifocal has become the #1 selling daily disposable multifocal contact lens in the U.S. alone,” said Ian Bell, President of Global Business and Innovation at Alcon.12 “Now, with the introduction of TOTAL30 Multifocal, we’re bringing the exceptional comfort of Water Gradient Technology to contact lens wearers with presbyopia who prefer a monthly replacement schedule. The lens material approaches 100% water at the surface so all that touches your eye is a gentle cushion of moisture.9-10 This will not only transform the multifocal lens-wearing experience, but also ensure an exceptional fitting experience for Eye Care Professionals.” 4,13

The lenses utilize PRECISION PROFILE®, the #1 U.S. selling multifocal optical design, allowing lens wearers to experience clear, uninterrupted vision at all distances near through far.4,12,14 This is the same optical design found in DAILIES TOTAL1 Multifocal and AIR OPTIX® plus Hydraglyde® Multifocal contact lenses. Data show 96% of patients were successfully fit in Alcon multifocal contact lenses with the PRECISION PROFILE optical design.2-4

“Multifocal contact lenses have been a key source of customers and referrals for my practice,” said Jessica Crooker, OD. “Many patients are simply unaware that there are multifocal contact lens options. So, when I introduce them to Alcon’s multifocal lenses, they’re thrilled to have their vision without having to rely on over-the-counter reading glasses.” Dr. Crooker adds, “Now, with TOTAL30 Multifocal, along with DAILIES TOTAL1 Multifocal, I’m delighted to offer my patients a monthly replacement and daily disposable contact lens option with the exceptional comfort of Water Gradient Technology.”1

TOTAL30 portfolio also includes TOTAL30 Sphere lenses and TOTAL30 for Astigmatism. More information about TOTAL30 Multifocal launch timing and markets will be announced in the months ahead.

About TOTAL30® Multifocal Contact Lenses

TOTAL30 Multifocal contact lenses are designed for people with presbyopia and are intended to be used on a monthly replacement schedule. See product instructions for complete wear, care, and safety information. The contact lenses are available with a full power range of +6.00 D to -10.00 D (in 0.25D steps) and three ADD powers (Low, Med, High). In most markets, TOTAL30 Multifocal contact lenses are medical devices that must be prescribed by an eye care professional.


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