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SIGHT Multispecialty Center Opens Offering Continuum of Care

Dr. Meghan Corkery, left, and Dr. Melissa Lambright, right, with their staff at Farmington-based SIGHT Multispecialty Center

Offering a continuum of optometric and sensory care, the SIGHT Multispecialty Center recently opened in Farmington, Connecticut, to provide comprehensive services from traditional wellness exams to rehabilitation services for vision-related medical conditions. Serving patients of all ages, SIGHT Multispecialty is the only center of its kind in the state to offer a holistic approach to vision care, treating visual acuity and function through targeted, goal-oriented therapies including vision therapy and sensory integration occupational therapy.

                                                        Dr. Meghan Corkery

The credentialed, trained and certified team of multidisciplinary specialists at SIGHT are highly experienced in treating both adults and children. The pediatric practice provides wellness exams that assess visual acuity, eye health and eye function, factors that can directly affect learning, social interaction, physical coordination and attention. SIGHT’s multispecialty/rehabilitation practice includes occupational, vision, and physical therapists who work in collaboration to evaluate and treat many visual and sensory challenges. Conditions treated include concussion, visual vertigo, stroke, autoimmune/inflammatory diseases, Lyme Disease, sensory processing issues, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, autism spectrum disorder, and gross/fine motor coordination disorder.

                                                      Dr. Melissa Lambright

“Our practice treats patients whose eyes, brains and bodies are not functioning to their fullest potential,“ explains Dr. Melissa Lambright, OD. “Everyone—from 6 month old babies on up—needs comprehensive eye examinations to ensure healthy vision. But we do more than traditional optometry. At SIGHT, we have had great success rehabilitating our patients’ visual and sensory systems by correcting the underlying causes of dysfunction. In healthy people, our senses collaborate closely to deliver accurate information about our bodies and the world. But if one sense is compromised, our ability to function can diminish and the senses may not operate effectively. Our doctors and therapists evaluate sensory dysfunction and develop treatments specifically tailored to our patients’ current conditions and therapeutic needs.”

Doctors, therapists and specialists at SIGHT understand the complex interrelationships of systems within the human body and take a comprehensive, whole-body approach to patient care:

• Trained in neuro-rehabilitation, SIGHT optometrists examine and treat the mechanics of the visual system including eye movement, teaming and focusing.
• Using the brain’s ability to form new neuro-connections, vision therapists retrain patients’ brains to gather, process and integrate visual information with complementary sensory systems.
• Occupational therapists address how patients receive, integrate and process sensory information. They adapt and improve the cognitive, physical, sensory and motor skills needed for daily living.
• Whole-body therapeutic practitioners direct patients in healthful complementary therapies that support healing, for example, manual therapy and rehabilitative yoga.

In addition to rehabilitation services and the pediatric practice, SIGHT’s Farmington Multispecialty Center also houses an innovative multi-sensory play program for young children called Roots+Ladders. The SIGHT team’s broad experience in early childhood and neurological development inspired the Roots+Ladders curriculum, which is designed to nurture the foundations of social/emotional, cognitive and physical growth in children 6 months to 3 years of age. SIGHT also maintains a location in West Hartford that offers adult eye exams and a selection of distinctive eyewear from around the world.

For more information on the SIGHT Multispecialty Center, visit www.sight.net.

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