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Supporting Colleagues in Maui

graphic for Eye "heart" maui to get eye care supplies to doctors in HawaiiWoo University and OptaZoom have joined together to support eye care professionals in Maui, Hawaii, after the devastating wildfires. “Let’s come together and make a difference by contributing to our care package initiative. Your help can bring much-needed relief to those on the frontlines of eye care. Together, we can show our unwavering support in this time of need,” says Stephanie Woo, OD, FAAO, Woo U CEO.

Dr. Woo says that Woo U and OptaZoom are enabling supporters to purchase desperately needed supplies, such as fluorescein and fluorescein GloStrips, tobramycin and more, as well as gift cards for gas and coffee to help power the teams delivering the care.

People can order the items they wish here, and OptaZoom and Woo U will take care of the rest, says Dr. Woo.


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