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There’s No One Else Here

In many parts of the country, the challenge is not too much competition among ODs for patients, it’s too many people in need of eye care

Twenty-four percent of U.S. counties had no ophthalmology or optometrists, according to an article in the April 2015 issue of Preventive Medicine. The article noted that nearly 61 percent of U.S. counties were in one of the two lower quartiles of both ophthalmologist and optometrist availability. Furthermore, availability doesn’t necessarily mean access.

Women In Optometry spoke with four ODs who have chosen to work in areas where few other ODs do. They have found professional satisfaction, a deep sense of meaning, grateful patients and a career path none had completely planned.

A Literal Service Desert: OD Finds Opportunity in Underserved Area

“We see more advanced pathology here than I did at any other practice. The community appreciates the education and the level of service.” –Athena Brasfield, OD || [ Read more… ]

Where Access to Eye Care Comes Via Bush Plane

““We have a service area the size of Oregon, and there are more than 40 villages that are not connected by roads. They’re only accessible by boats, snowmobiles or small airplanes.” –Krystle Peñaflor, OD || [ Read more… ]

Underserved and in the Shadow of Plenty

“In one section of town, there are multimillion-dollar condominiums, and just a couple of blocks away, there are government-subsidized homes with children whose only meals of the day are the ones served at school. It can be difficult to wrap your head around the disparity within just a few city blocks.” –Crystal Lewandowski, OD, FAAO || [ Read more… ]

Be Part of the Health Care Infrastructure

“Kentucky has an amazing expanded scope of practice, so that’s a big draw. Practicing in a state that allows optometrists to do yag capsulotomies and some laser surgeries is a way we can distinguish ourselves.” –Nitya Murthy, Kentucky College of Optometry–University of Pikeville || [ Read more… ]

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