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Unique COVID-19 Resources Available to Eye Care Practices

EyeBridge Consulting and ImageMark join forces to provide signage and COVID-19 products specifically for eye care practices

ann hoscheit
Dr. Hoscheit

EyeBridge Consulting Associates and ImageMark Business Services, a printing, branding and marketing company, have teamed up to provide COVID-19 signage and other related resources specifically designed for eye care practices.

“Our goal is to provide a safe environment for patients, staff and doctors” says Ann Hoscheit, OD, FAAO, FAARM, founder of EyeBridge Consulting Associates, ODPA. “Communication is essential when we’re trying to achieve this goal. ImageMark has created some very professional communication tools that make it easy for eye care practices adhere to CDC recommendations.”

ImageMark has created floor stickers for social distancing, hand-washing reminders for restrooms, banners for sharing office protocols, face masks and shields, hand sanitizer and other PPE (some of which can be branded), and it  offers a disinfectant that is FDA-approved for killing the COVID-19 virus. Dr. Hoscheit says, “I’m a huge fan of their customizable face shield, which is a suitable alternative to masks in most eye care practice situations.”

ImageMark has a long history serving the dental industry and is excited to bring their ingenuity to eye care providers. “From the front door to the back door of the eye care practice, we have the products they can use to manage their office, and all in accordance with CDC guidance,” says Walter Payne, president and CEO of ImageMark. “We have every kind of sign, whether it’s for patients to wait in their cars or floor markers to encourage social distancing.”

Many practices are using tape on the floors or home-made signs, but these can be problematic, and sometimes dangerous. “Worn and misplaced use of signage not suited for an eye care environment creates safety concerns and poor brand conveyance.” says Payne. “Through our collaboration with EyeBridge Consulting, we’ve developed products and
communication strategies specific for the eye care practice.” Another benefit of the collaboration is that products are available customizable and “on-demand” through a secure web portal. According to Payne, “if we don’t have what you need, we can create it easily and cost effectively.” There are no minimum amounts to purchase, making it easy and affordable for small eye care practices as well as large doctor alliance groups.

Interested eye care businesses should visit this website to see what’s available and to create an online account.

The collaboration between EyeBridge and ImageMark was birthed during a public health emergency and grew during a period of public unrest across the nation, where many eye care practices were damaged. In recognition of the plight of so many eye care practices, a percentage of sales from eye care products will be donated to the American Optometry
Association’s Optometry’s Fund for Disaster Relief.

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