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Double the Force, Double the Eye Care!

Dr. Story and Dr. Story-Walker

Don’t adjust your eyewear; you’re not seeing double. LaKesha Story, OD, and LaTesha Story-Walker, OD, are twin sisters who opened their second DoubleVision Eye Care location in Midland, Georgia.

Both doctors attended the University of Alabama at Birmingham, knowing they wanted to pursue a career in the medical field. While exploring various career paths, Gerald Simon, OD, introduced them to the field of optometry, which influenced their decision to continue at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Optometry. Dr. Story graduated in 2012, and Dr. Story-Walker graduated a year later, in 2013, and they took similar paths afterward, working in both corporate and private practices until they opened their first location in 2015.

They opened their first location inside a Walmart Vision Center in Valley, Alabama. While they continue to enjoy servicing the community in their hometown, the doctors wanted to expand into the private sector of optometry to increase their focus on medical optometry. Equipped with the latest technology, their services include diabetic eye exams, dry eye treatment and management, glaucoma and cataract screening, emergency eye care and pediatric care.

DoubleVision Eye Care’s second location

Dr. Story says the duo decided to open their second location which is approximately 32 miles from their first location, which presents more opportunities to engage with their patients. The doctors alternate coverage between the two locations. Dr. Story-Walker says that working with one another has been rewarding because they feed off each other’s strengths and have the same vision.

One of their primary missions is to educate their patients on their ocular health and stress the importance of routine eye exams. In the exam lane, both doctors give that personal touch by taking the time to give each patient a detailed report of their eye health assessment. Education on preventative care or lifestyle changes as it relates to early signs of potential eye diseases are often discussed.

The sisters’ passion for education is also shown through their community outreach programs. Dr. Story says they recently held a “Double the Love, Double the iCare” backpack drive in the new location. They were able to complete 21 of the 50 projected sponsored eye exams provided to underprivileged children. Every child who came out for an eye exam was seen. Student and adult volunteers helped with games, crowd control and collecting and organizing the donations of backpacks and school supplies from the community. More than 100 backpacks were donated to children at the event.

Both doctors say they will continuously plan programs to give back to the community and raise awareness on eye health. They are continuing their efforts of mentoring high school students in preparation for college by assisting with college applications, educating on the various standardized testings and providing local college tours. Both Dr. Story and Dr. Story-Walker emphasize the importance of providing guidance and positive influence on the younger generation. The doctors will also host their 2nd Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Walk this year in honor of their strong family history of survivors.

Dr. Story and Dr. Story-Walker are striving to become intricate forces in their community and continue their efforts in educating patients on ocular health and overall wellness.

The sisters say that they have achieved their success through purpose. “We have a passion and purpose in what we do daily. Passion for our calling and a love for others. Our future goals are to be positive leaders in the community and inspire others.”

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