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Women in the News – September

Women In Optometry regularly recognizes the accomplishments of women ODs in the profession and in their communities. Have you stepped into a new leadership role or recently won an award? Send us a note: MBijlefeld@jobson.com.


Etty Bitton, OD, FAAO, FBCLA, was awarded the Montreal School of Optometry Founder’s Award.
Mary Van Hoy, OD, was honored with NORA’s Founding Father’s Award in recognition of her lifelong dedication to the exploration, elucidation and enhancement of the concepts surrounding the nature of the human visual process.
Michele Andrews, OD, received the Alumnus of the Year award at the Illinois College of Optometry Alumni Association Awards Reception.
Nadia Virani, OD, was honored with the Women in Business Award by the Dallas Business Journal.
Danielle Bianco, OD, received the Charles C. Butts Award for Distinguished Service at College of Syntonic Optometry.

Salus University awarded the Presidential Medal to Black Eyecare Perspective, left to right, Darryl Glover, OD, ‘11, Essence Johnson, OD, ‘10, and Jacobi Cleaver, OD, ‘11.


Indiana University School of Optometry

Sharon Berger Moscow, OD, former SCO Board member, was named the Lifetime Achievement Award recipient.


Ohio Optometric Association

Elizabeth Bower, OD, was awarded the Jack T. Keith Young Optometrist of the Year and the Outstanding Realeyes Involvement — Community Impact award.
Amy Keller, OD, was awarded the Outstanding Realeyes Involvement — Most Students Educated award.
Emily Benson was awarded the Student of the Year award.


Also awarded: Michael Earley, OD, PhD (Warren G. and Ruth P. Morris Optometrist of the Year) and Brian Mathie, OD (Archer Award for Humanitarian Service).


American Association of Corporate Optometrists – Board of Directors Named

Melonie Clemmons, OD, President
Carla Gavilanes Gasparini, OD, Treasurer
Jennifer Bodley, OD, Director at Large
Laureen Waldron, OD, Director at Large


Also on the board are Robert Houghteling, OD, FAACO, Vice President/Interim Secretary; Mark Jackson, OD, Diplomate ABO, Director at Large; Gordon Penn, OD, Director at Large; and Frank LaRussa, OD, Director at Large.


American Academy of Optometry and American Academy of Optometry Foundation 2022 Award Recipients

Ann E. Elsner, PhD, FAAO, won the Charles F. Prentice Medal Award from AAO.

Dr. Elsner will be recognized at a special ceremony during Academy 2022 San Diego. 

Loretta B. Szczotka-Flynn, OD, Phd, FAAO, won the Carel C. Koch Medal from AAO.
Sherry J. Bass, OD, FAAO, FCOVD, won the Vincent Ellerbrock Clinician Educator Award from AAO.
Joan M. Exford, OD, FAAO, won the Life Fellowship Award from AAO.
Robin L. Chalmers, OD, FAAO, won the Max Schapero Lecture Award from AAO.
Sandra Block, OD, MEd, MPH, FAAO, won the Henry B. Peters Award from AAOF.


Also awarded: James S. Wolffsohn, BSc, MBA, PhD, FAAO (Glenn A. Fry Lecture Award/AAOF); Jack Phu, OD, PhD, FAAO (Irvin M. and Beatrice Borish Award/AAO); Sajeesh Kumar, PhD, FAAO, FAMIA (Essilor Award for Outstanding Contributions to International Optometry/AAO); Jerry Cavallerano, OD, PhD, FAAO (William Feinbloom Award/AAO); Hector C. Santiago, OD, PhD, FAAO (Brien Holden Humanitarian Award/AAO); Joseph C. Lehman, OD, MS (The Julius F. Neumueller Award in Optics/AAOF); Mark A. Bullimore, MCOptom, PhD, FAAO and Noel A. Brennan, MScOptom, PhD, FAAO (Garland W. Clay Award/AAO); Jason S. Ng, OD, PhD, FAAO (Michael G. Harris Family Award for Excellence in Optometric Education/AAOF); Herbert Wertheim, OD, DSc, MD (Honorary Fellowship Award/AAO); Chris A. Johnson, PhD, DSc, FAAO (Life Fellowship Award/AAO); Joseph P. Shovlin, OD, FAAO (Tony Adams Eminent Service Award/AAO); and William D. Carter (Founders’ Award/AAO).




Feature photo credit: Carol Yepes, Getty Images

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