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Feeling Torn

Being a mom always creates a challenge for women who want to spend quality time with kids. Louise Sclafani, OD, FAAO, of Chicago, Illinois, says during her son’s senior year in high school, she’s feeling a particular urgency to be at every hockey game, tournament, concert or dance. While she can’t make her son young again, she is working to take care of herself, she says.

“Posture issues are a big concern, whether that comes from working on a computer or being slumped over, seeing patients. But I don’t have time to get a massage,” she says. So awareness and stretching have to suffice. She’s also had to sacrifice some of the pretty shoes that she used to wear for more sensible footwear. “The one thing that I really focus on is getting enough sleep; this is the best gift that I give myself!”

Dr. Sclafani and her son Liam are traveling that inevitable path to his adulthood. She’s treasuring the moments, like this Mother’s Day meal together.

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