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Let Your Actions Speak for Themselves

A story in our March Mentor series

Dr. Murphy

By Mary Anne Murphy, OD, of Broomfield, Colorado

An acknowledgement to Pam Lowe, OD, FAAO, and Louise Sclafani, OD, both from Chicago, Illinois

For years, I have watched from a distance in awe as Dr. Lowe demonstrated her knowledge and confidence in a crowd of predominantly men at Vision Source conferences. She held her own. She’s tiny but she’s mighty, and though she’s hardly older than me, I admire her and all she has accomplished.

Dr. Lowe

Dr. Sclafani

Likewise for Dr. Sclafani: she’s a hockey mom to be reckoned with! In any opportunity I have to interact with her, she is warm, encouraging and enthusiastic. These women have never known they served as mentors, but what’s even more impressive was that they didn’t need to. They have demonstrated leadership, integrity and resilience just because that’s who they are.

You never know when others in the industry are following your lead. Be who you are and let your actions speak for themselves!

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