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The Power of Vision: Technician Position Reveals Impact of Optometry on Patients’ Lives

Dr. Nguyen

Lynda Nguyen, OD, had just completed her undergraduate studies in biological sciences and was considering what healthcare field she wanted to pursue for her career when she found a technician job at Ideal Vision Care, office of Amy Dinh, OD, located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. “I never had a high prescription and didn’t grow up wearing glasses, but from that job, I saw how impactful an optometrist is in a person’s life by correcting their vision,” Dr. Nguyen recalls. Then as she started to personally develop dry eye, she could empathize with what patients were experiencing.

While she was trying to figure out her future, this opportunity in Dr. Dinh’s office was a turning point. Dr. Dinh gave her insight into the world of optometry and showed Dr. Nguyen how essential healthy vision is for our lives. Dr. Dinh played an instrumental role in encouraging her and helping her fulfill her potential in the career of optometry.

Dr. Dinh and Dr. Nguyen

Dr. Dinh also holds a special place in Dr. Nguyen’s heart as matchmaker: Dr. Dinh introduced Dr. Nguyen to her future husband Duy Bui. Along with Dr. Dinh’s husband Tony Banh, who is also her office manager and partner, the two couples are still good friends. “Dr. Dinh has always rooted for us to follow their footsteps [she has a successful practice in Baton Rouge] and become successful business owners in our own right.”

Dr. Nguyen and Bui opened Clarity Eye Care in McKinney, Texas, in June 2020. Both husbands came to their roles in their wive’s offices without any optical experience, and “Duy often reaches out to Tony with questions regarding edging and troubleshooting lenses,” Dr. Nguyen says. “Duy and I both lean onto our respective mentors when any questions arise ranging from practice management to optical lab issues.”

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