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Women ODs Rock the Newsweek 2022 Honor Roll

Newsweek has published its 2022 America’s Best Eye Doctors list, naming a total of 175 optometrists across the nation.

Join us in celebrating the following 73 women who were honored.

Congratulations to all the honorees!

#1 Viola Kanevsky, OD, of New York, New York viola kanevsky
#5 Hardeep Kataria, OD, of Porto Ranch, California hardeep kataria
#8 Talin Amadian, OD, of Encino, California
#10 Anne Mika Moy, OD, FAAO, of Berkeley California
#12 Shannon L. Steinhauser, OD, of Phoenix, Arizona
#15 Jamie Kuzniar, OD, FAAO, FSLS, of Bloomfield Township, Michigan
#17 April L. Jasper, OD, of West Palm Beach, Florida
#18 Jill C. Autry, OD, RPh., of Bellaire, Texas
#22 Mary Demirjian, OD, of Encion, California
#25 Danica Marrelli, OD, of Houston, Texas
#26 Mina Sehizadeh, OD, of Boston, Massachusetts
#28 Anna Lange, OD, FAAO, of New York, New York
#30 Laurie Sorrenson, OD, FAAO, of Cedar Park, Texas
#31 Katarzyna Ciesek, OD, of Hamilton, New Jersey
#32 Hannah Yecheskel, OD, of Rockville, Maryland
#34 Lisa M. Steward, OD, of Terre Haute, Indiana
#35 Yin C. Tea, OD, FAAO, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Stephanie L. Woo, OD, of Lake Havasu, Arizona


#39 Shauna Lushko, OD, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Haylie Mulliniks, OD, of Memphis, Tennessee

#51 Marina Su, OD, FAAO, of Bronx, New York
#53 Ellen Butts, OD, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
#54 Julie Rodman, OD, MS, FAAO, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida
#57 Susan Resnick, OD, FAAO, of New York, New York susan resnick
#58 Gloria Chow, OD, of San Jose, California
#59 Judith Schaffer, OD, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida
#60 Monica Kalia, OD, of Evansville, Indiana
#62 Lori Ann Vollmer, OD, of Venice, Florida
#63 Andrea P. Thau, OD, FAAO, FCOVD, FNAP, of New York, New York
#65 Cheryl Schmitt, OD, of Tuscon, Arizona
#66 Marilyn Vricella, OD, of New York, New York
#69 Rebecca Kammer, OD, PhD, of Irvine, California
#71 Alexis Malkin, OD, FAAO, of Boston, Massachusetts
#74 Angela Nguyen, OD, of Sacramento, California
#75 JulieAnne M. Roper, OD, of Columbia, South Carolina
#76 Anita Gulmiri, OD, of Boston, Massachusetts dr gulmiri
#77 Renee K. Lane, OD, of De Soto, Missouri
#78 Kathleen Adams, OD, of Baltimore, Maryland
#81 Jenny Soohoo, OD, of Monterey Park, California
#82 Joanna Cotter, OD, FAAO, of Miami, Florida
#83 Nicole D. Pogue, OD, FAAO, of Roxbury, Massachusetts
#95 Angelina Scaramuzzo, OD, of Lake Placid, New York
#98 Carly Rose, OD, of Cincinnati, Ohio
#100 Bessie Abraham, OD, of New York, New York
#102 Michelle Marfori, OD, of Brick, New Jersey
#104 Chelsea Ashlaw, OD, of Houston, Texas
#106 Julia Appel, OD, of New York, New York
#107 Bhawanjot Minhas, OD, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
#108 Leslie O’Dell, OD, FAAO, of Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania leslie o'dell
#109 Alison Bozung, OD, of Coral Gables, Florida
#112 Alana Curatola, OD, of Renton, Washington
#116 Inna Lazar, OD, of Greenwich, Connecticut
#118 Kimberly Calnan-Holt, OD, of Spokane Valley, Washington
#119 Selina McGee, OD, FAAO, of Edmond, Oklahoma selina mcgee
#121 Kriti Bhagat, OD, of Providence, Rhode Island
#123 Shannon Friedmeyer, OD, of Tucson, Arizona
#129 Alyssa Donahue, OD, of Mason, Ohio Alyssa Donahue
#131 Michelle Kwon, OD, of Hartford, Wisconsin
#133 Jennifer Deakins, OD, FAAO, of Fort Worth, Texas
#140 Zanna Kruoch, OD, of Forth Worth, Texas
#144 Savannah Coker, OD, of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
#145 Bethany Fishbein, OD, of North Brunswick, New Jersey
#147 Komal Abbas, OD, of Edison, New Jersey
#152 Kathleen Abarr, OD, of Westerley, Rhode Island
#154 Angela Wong, OD, of Union City, California
#161 Natalie Nguyen, OD, of Grove City, Ohio
#164 Jillian Zimmer, OD, of Cincinnati, Ohio
#165 Stephanie Lyons, OD, of Chicago, Illinois
#166 Julie Ngo, OD, of Plano, Texas
#170 Diana Shechtman, OD, FAAO, of Oakland Park, Florida
#171 Megan Petersen, OD, of West Des Moines, Iowa
#173 Joan Portello, OD, MS, MPH, of New York, New York
#175 Elizabeth Muckley, OD, FAAO, of Kent, Ohio


Again, congratulations to all 175 ODs selected for this honor. Read the full list here, but a special nod to the 21 men listed in the top 40:

Arthur B. Epstein, OD, of Phoenix, Arizona

Alan Glazier, OD, of New York, New York

Joseph W. Sowka, OD, FAAO, Diplomate, of Englewood, Florida

Paul Ajamian, OD, of Atlanta, Georgia

Marc R. Bloomenstein, OD, FAAO, of Scottsdale, Arizona

Richard Madonna, OD, MA, of New York, New York

Paul Karpecki, OD, FAAO, of Lexington, Kentucky

Nyok Alan Lee, OD, of Houston, Texas

Oliver K. Lou, OD, of Cedar Park, Texas

Kambiz Silani, OD, of Beverly Hills, California

Mark Perry, OD, of Orlando, Florida

Andrew Gurwood, OD, FAAO, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Jerome Sherman, OD, FAAO, of New York, New York

Reagan Ratcliff, OD, of Friendswood, Texas

Josh Johnston, OD, FAAO, of Decatur, Georgia

Philip Walling, OD, of Big Rapids, Michigan

Phillip Brunson, OD, FAAO, of Humble, Texas

Thomas Myers, OD, of Spokane, Washington

Douglas Devries, OD, of Sparks, Nevada

Gregory Nixon, OD, FAAO, of Westerville, Ohio

David Evans, OD, of Memphis, Tennessee



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