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Dr. Virani’s Wine Fun Facts

Nadia Virani, OD, a level one certified sommelier, will share some wine suggestions with WO readers throughout the year. We start the series off with some fun facts about wine.

Centuries ago, people would drink wine in lieu of water. The water at that time was generally unclean and natural fermentation, as when wine is made, could kill bacteria caused by salmonella and cholera.

Grapes are the most planted fruit by volume worldwide!

The largest bottle of wine is 15 liters. It houses 20 typical sized bottles of wine, and is called the “Nebuchadnezzar”.

“Toasting” originated in ancient Rome. Its original intention was to soften the bitter taste of wine by dropping a piece of toasted bread in your glass.

Read the story about how and why Dr. Virani became a wine sommelier here. 

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