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Day Spa Complements Business Model

Dry eye treatment center was first step in the process

The idea of opening a day spa inside Hefner Eye Care and Optical Center in Oklahoma City came to Kimberly Hefner, OD, from her aesthetician. After all, she already had a spa chair and a steamer that she used for dry eye treatments. “It had begun to look like a spa, and my aesthetician said how much more convenient it would be if I just got my eyelash extensions done in my own office,” Dr. Hefner recalls.

Now an aesthetician comes into the office two days a week to offer a full line of spa services. And instead of having eyelash extensions every month, Dr. Hefner has switched to Zoria® BoostTM Lash Intensifying Serum from OCuSOFT. She began using it about two months ago, as has most of her staff. Patients notice those long eyelashes, and they see the marketing pieces from OCuSOFT in the practice.

Dr. Hefner says it fits in perfectly with her practice. “A lot of women have sensitivity to mascara. Some struggle with it anyway and others have stopped using makeup, and they’re sad about it. Women in their 50s, whose eyelids have started drooping, want longer lashes to make their eyes look more open. They often start the conversation,” she says.

Many tell her that they’ve tried eyelash extensions but are sensitive to the glue. Or they ask about prescription products to enhance eyelash growth, and Dr. Hefner will mention that Zoria is available without a prescription and can promote eyelash growth within a week or two. It’s applied almost like eyeliner, at the base of the upper lashes at bedtime.

In fact, Dr. Hefner doesn’t shy away from talking about any make- up or beauty products with her patients. “I bring up makeup with almost every female. Most women who have early appointments will not put on makeup when they’re coming to the eye doctor. And others do a terrible job of removing their eye makeup. I can see mascara on their contact lenses, or it’s flaking. So I always ask what they use for makeup remover,” she says.

The practice draws patients of all ages with its regular trunk shows and promotions, but the target market for the dry eye center (and the day spa) is women between 40 and 70. “As a dry eye specialty practice, we’re serving that market anyway,” she says. The spa offers microdermabrasion, facials, eyebrow shaping, eyelash extensions and more.

Dr. Hefner is a clinician at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation’s Sjogren’s Clinic, where she provides diagnosis, treatment and clinical assistance in the research of Sjogren’s. She says that most of her patients are equally interested in having healthy eyes as well as beautiful eyes. She spends time with each patient discussing protection against UV radiation as well as ocular nutrition.

Dr. Hefner says she has no doubt that adding a line of beauty products and making herself open to discussing beauty products with patients is a positive for her business. Fashion has long been a part of the eyewear industry, and it extends quite naturally into eye care, too, especially with the products patients are using on or near their eyes.

Plus, it’s convenient. “I love going to the spa.” Now she doesn’t need to travel for the services.


OCuSOFT Enters Market

Zoria® BoostTM Lash Intensifying Serum features a patented polypeptide technology to enhance and support the eyelash growth cycle naturally. It is a clinically proven, drug-free formula that is nonirritating and delivers noticeable results without the potential harsh side effects associated with drug-based, lash-enhancement products.

OCuSOFT also offers Zoria® BoostTM mascara with lash-intensifying serum, Zoria® Mascara for Sensitive Eyes, as well as makeup removers. OCuSOFT also offers its eyelid cleansers, Lid Scrub® Original and Lid Scrub® Plus products.

Sponsored by OCuSOFT

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