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Make It Easy for Patients to Follow Recommendations

Provide patients with the convenience of purchasing high-quality products in your office

Gina Wesley, OD, recently visited the dentist with her son, and the dentist made a recommendation for a special toothpaste for him to use. “The office had it right there for me to purchase,” she recalls, adding that she appreciated the convenience of the sale. “Could I find it somewhere else? Maybe. But in today’s day and age, people have a lot going on, and being able to buy what you need right at the moment is one less thing for them to worry about.”

That same concept applies in her own office, Complete Eye Care of Medina in Medina, Minnesota. Offering the convenience of a sale in her office was one factor that led her to OCuSOFT about four years ago. Dr. Wesley says that she never felt very comfortable sending patients to the drugstore to follow through on her recommendation. “When patients go to the pharmacy or somewhere else to
buy the product you recommended, it gets confusing,” she says. There are so many choices, which can be overwhelming, and products on sale may pull them in another direction. “I value knowing that I am able to offer what I want my patients to have right in the office. It’s a relief for patients that I have it.”

She also chose OCuSOFT products for their proven track record and the commitment the company has made to research and development. “I wanted to make sure I had quality products so that I could prescribe and recommend them to patients either to
alleviate issues or enhance overall ocular health and appearance,” Dr. Wesley says, adding that she’s confident in the results and
outcomes that her patients will experience.

Dr. Wesley recommends the OCuSOFT Foaming Lid Cleanser for patients with a variety of anterior segment issues including
blepharitis and meibomian gland dysfunction. “It’s great for lid hygiene,” she says. “The foam is terrific because patients can’t get it elsewhere, and it’s economical and reasonable at about a $10 price point.” She regularly directs patients to the Oust™ Demodex® products, as well.

Dr. Wesley and many of her staff members use the ZORIA® BOOST Lash-Intensifying Serum and ZORIA® BOOST Mascara from OCuSOFT, and their personal testimonial carries weight among patients. “As a female OD, I’m asked about makeup by my patients; they want to know what I use,” she says. “I can recommend something that is safe for the eyes and can enhance their own lashes. Plus, it’s something that I use myself and has been tested.” She also recommends patients use the ZORIA® Cleanser to remove their makeup.

It requires very little effort to be successful with these products, Dr. Wesley says. With so many important topics to focus on in a short exam time window, she says that she typically recommends these products if she sees a problem or if the patient addresses it. By strategically placing a display with the mascara and makeup cleanser right on the front desk, her staff members can jump into a discussion with patients who have an interest. “The staff is trained on how to do that, and the products sell themselves. You’d be
surprised how many thousands of dollars of product you can sell by putting it in the right place to prompt conversation at check-in and check-out.”

Offering products for sale in the office also creates an exclusivity for your practice. “We have a lot of really loyal patients who come back to purchase more, and they know that if they have a flare-up or any issues, they can use these products to take care of it,” Dr. Wesley says. “The biggest way that OCuSOFT shows its support is by coming out with new products.” The company continues to release products that address the increasing visual and ocular demands that patients have. Dr. Wesley and her staff are frequently educated on the growing collection of options through training sessions with their OCuSOFT rep. “We are constantly trying to find out what product fits in which situation, and our rep helps us learn about the new products, which makes it easier.”

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