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Confidence Increasing as a Result of Vaccine for Some but Not All

Confidence related to personal health and in the practice is on the rise among respondents to a recent Pop-Up Poll on COVID-19 vaccination confidence.

Respondents were asked if they feel more confident and safe they feel in regards to their personal health and practices because of vaccination availability, rated on a scale from 1 (not at all) to 5 (very much so).

More than one-third of respondents (40 percent) rated a 5, that they felt much more confident in their personal health, 19 percent rated a 4 and 17 percent a 3. Another 18 percent rated 1, that they did not feel more confident at all.

In their practices, respondents rated similar levels of confidence: 37 percent stated 5, they were much more confident, 20 percent stated 4 and 21 percent said 3. Again, 18 percent rated a 1, that they did not feel more confident at all.

Respondents were asked to share the different situations that they were encountering now that COVID-19 vaccines are available. Sixty-four percent were deciding when and how to ease their safety/distancing protocols, and 48 percent said that “patients don’t want to wear masks and we want them to.” Another 34 percent said that patients are generally more cranky and impatient now. Others shared the following situations and challenges they are facing.

  • Patients want to know if we’re vaccinated: 30 percent
  • Hiring/retaining enough staff to meet increased patient demands: 24 percent
  • Staff don’t want to wear masks, but we’re still requiring it: 19 percent
  • Patients are generally less cranky and impatient now: 7 percent
  • Patients remain hesitant to come in: 6 percent

The comments submitted to the poll show the disparity among how respondents in relation the vaccine.

One shared, “If you are under 60 with no comorbidities and you get this shot, you’re crazy.”

Another stated, “Vaccination for COVID has provided a breath of fresh air in a very stale year. Many still do not want to get vaccinated and we should respect their wishes. This is also a reason, however, we must remain vigilant especially in healthcare settings with mask wearing. It will be difficult to decide when to lift certain restrictions but with proper planning and more time we will start our climb to ‘normal’. Patience is key.”

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