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Frame-Buying: ODs Like to Know What’s in the Optical

Even if ODs have delegated frame-buying to optical staff, many like to be part of the selection process.

According to a recent Women in Optometry poll, most respondents  carry a wide range of frame line options in their practices. Sixty percent  said they carry 11 or more frame lines in their optical dispensaries. And 23% say that they carry between 6 and 10 lines or distinct options. 

Sunglass lines are more limited in most practices, with only 16% of respondents saying that they carry 11 or more distinct lines or brands. Thirty-six percent each say they carry between 6-10 brands and between 2-5 brands. 


This chart shows how involved respondents are in frame-buying. 52% said they are all in on the choices the practice makes.
WO Pop-up Poll, April 2023

This poll asked respondents if they are personally involved in making frame selections. Fifty-two percent said, “I’m all in I love to see what’s new.” Nearly 26% said that they leave that up to the designated optical or staff member. Twenty-three percent said that they offer some suggestions but the choice ultimately is someone else’s responsibility.

Among ODs who answered – male and female – half responded that they’re all in on the choices. 


One OD wrote that she learned that the optical staff has more experience identifying frame styles that sell. “What looked good on my face type would not work,” she says. She’s pleased that offerings have become more inclusive and that manufacturers use diverse models in their advertising. 

Another staff member whose responsibility is to buy frames wrote a response. “I try to buy with purpose and often think of specific patients when purchasing. I have also learned to pick the crazy colors and or shapes, as you can’t sell them if you don’t have them! They are usually some of the first frames picked and sold.”

And an optical manager wrote, “I keep a good selection from high end to budget frames trying not to have too many lines. This makes it easier to keep track of inventory.”

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