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Frame Sterilization Technology Tops List of Office Enhancements as a Result of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked the need for many changes in the office, and ODs have had to make adjustments to keep the office and exam experience safe and comfortable for patients. Respondents shared that they made new technology purchases for the optical (52 percent), the exam room and pretesting area (52 percent) and for billing or the front office area (32 percent).

Technology for sterilizing frames topped the new purchase list, with 75 percent of respondents saying that they added a new way of cleaning frames between patients. Other common responses included:

  • Diagnostic instruments that allow for social distancing: 50 percent
  • Kiosks for taking patients’ temperature: 40 percent
  • Telemedicine applications: 35 percent
  • EMR to enable work-at-home options: 20 percent

Some respondents also noted that they’ve added a remote receptionist, electronic forms to fill out in advance of visits and neurolens technology to help patients spending more time at home and on devices.

They shared some more details on their purchases in the comments below.

Shamir Spark Mi Up Mirror, Optos,

We study retina and marijuana. We switched to testing presence of THC in tears as a better biomarker (because lipid rich and adheres great to THC) than saliva or breath. Does not require retinal screen! 

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Having the patients fill in all the paper work online. Saves a lot of time

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