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Many ODs Have Received or Given Advice as a Mentor

mentor poll results 3Many respondents to a recent Women In Optometry Pop-up Poll have felt the impact of a mentor: 41 percent stated that they had a mentor in the past, and 29 percent said they have had many mentors during their career. Twenty-four percent said they currently still have a mentor who they are engaged with. Another 24 percent stated that they have not had a mentor. Poll participants were able to select all options that applied to them.

mentor poll results 2

Forty-one percent of respondents are currently a mentor to someone. Another 18 percent have been a mentor in the past.

mentor poll results 1

When asked how they found their mentor, the most popular responses were that they asked someone they knew or that their mentor approached them. Sixty-five percent said that a mentor is a very important component in their career. Sixty-four percent said that their mentors have been both men and women.

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