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More Than Half of Poll Respondents Bring Some Work Home

As many have had to adjust work and home schedules in 2020, Women In Optometry recently polled its readers on their status of achieving balance during this challenging time.

Many respondents are putting in long or extra hours to get the work done. Sixty-six percent of respondents are bringing home work or returning to the office: 40 percent said they do routinely, while another 26 percent said they sometimes have to do work outside of typical hours. Twenty percent said it’s infrequent, and 14 percent said that they do not.

Still, 38 percent stated that they feel they have an adequate work/life balance, while another 18 percent said that they did before but do not right now.

Respondents were ask to chose what motivating factors led them to work longer and harder hours. The most common response was that they work their busy schedule for the income (31 percent). Many respondents also said that it is due to the fact that they can do the best, most efficient job (29 percent) or that they are focused on putting in the hours to build their business (26 percent).

Poll respondents were fairly equally split between owners/partners (49 percent) and employees (43 percent). Nine percent said that they are both. Most were between 31-60 years old.

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