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Most Practices Routinely Asking Screening Questions

Policies for protecting other staff and patients being considered

Three-quarters of respondents (76 percent) to a new Women In Optometry Pop-up Poll said that their practices are consistently asking employees screening questions upon entering each day. Twenty percent of respondents said that these questions are not being asked routinely, and four percent said that policy “maybe” is being followed.

Seventy-one percent of those who are doctors said that they personally are following the screening procedures set for employees consistently. Another 17 percent said that they do so most of the time. Nine percent said they do not follow the procedures set for staff.

Twelve percent of the respondents said that they have been tested for COVID-19; all reported they tested negative.


While 53 percent of respondents said that they have not yet had to send employees home for failing a screening or presenting a higher-than-average risk, others either have or are anticipating having to do so.

  • Yes, after employee showed or complained of symptoms that could be COVID-19-related: 22%
  • Not yet, but I am prepared for it: 14%
  • Yes, after employee said he or she had contact with positive individual: 12%
  • Yes, after I or other employees saw evidence (credible reports or social media posts) of employee’s participation in large events: 2%


Many practices have established policies for returning to work after being diagnosed or suspected of COVID-19 exposure.

  • Two weeks of quarantine: 58%
  • One negative COVID-19 test: 38%
  • Complete resolutions of symptoms that mimic COVID-19 symptoms (migraine/allergies, etc.): 31%
  • Two negative COVID-19 tests: 16%

crowded beach


Seventy-four percent of respondents said that they have not added policies about employees avoiding large groups/indoor events or other places where transmission possibilities increase. Ten percent said that they have added such policies, and six percent said that they plan to. Others said that this has been discussed with employees, encouraging them to stay safe and alerting them that they will be sent home if they fail the daily screening.

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