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Poll Finds Most ODs Say They Work in a Practice with a Well-defined Culture

The majority of respondents to a recent Women In Optometry Pop-Up Poll on practice culture stated that their office culture is awesome, and that it lives up to its mission when serving patients. This 84 percent rated the culture a 4 or 5 on a scale of 1-5, with the lower numbers representing that the culture not definable or is unappealing. Eight percent rated a 3, and another 8 percent rated 2.

Several elements rose to the top as clearly discernible in their workplace culture. Respondents were asked to select all that applied in their offices.

  • Clinical quality and dependability: 73 percent
  • Teamwork/everyone understands their contributions: 73 percent
  • A safe and comfortable workplace for all: 69 percent
  • Supports our mission statement: 65 percent
  • Fun: 58 percent
  • Socially responsible policies: 50 percent
  • Advancement of individuals/consistent feedback: 39 percent
  • Environmentally friendly policies: 39 percent

Discussion of practice culture varied among the respondents, of which 64 percent were owners or co-owners and 36 percent were employees. Of all poll respondents, 44 percent said that culture is regularly discussed at all-staff meetings, and 8 percent said it is routinely a part of conversations between owners and key personnel. Another 36 percent said that they were not sure—that it may be discussed or is inconsistent. The remaining 12 percent said it is rarely discussed.

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