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Poll Respondents Lean Into the “Yes!”

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A recent WO Poll asked readers a simple question: are you a “yes” person or a “no” person?

When presented with a new opportunity or change, fully 88% say their default response is yes! Some are more emphatic about that, with 15% noting that they’ll say yes first and figure out the details later. Another 73% of respondents said that they learn toward “yes,” but ask for some time to think about a firm decision, while 12 percent may lean toward “no” before they weigh the pros and cons.

WO Pop-up Poll Results, January 2023


Some respondents noted specific choices they have said “yes” to.

“Saying ‘yes’ to buying my practice and getting out of being an employed OD—Maybe not the best financial move, but for my personal well-being, the best move.”

“Saying ‘yes’ to joining my state board.”

“I had a twelve-month-old and I was presented with two large practice opportunities. I went from one practice to three overnight. I said ‘yes’ and never turned back. I still have other females in my life—friends and family—that share their doubts with me when I mention a new opportunity. You have to shut that out of your life and only say ‘yes’ and make it happen.”

Other “yeses” included going to optometry school, hiring certain employees and becoming a state association board member.

However, some decisions create regret. One OD recalls feeling like she was encouraged to run for a state association role with no real support but solely to add some competition to the race. She learned her lesson, though. “I know when to say no, now!”

Sixty percent of respondents were female ODs and nine percent were male ODs. Twenty-eight percent were non-OD females. Three percent were non-OD males.

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