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Poll Results: Over Half of Respondents Plan on Getting Jabbed, Or Already Have

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The FDA authorized the bivalent COVID booster from Pfizer and Moderna just a month ago. In a recent WO poll, 28 percent of respondents say they have already received the booster, and another 33 percent plan on it soon. “I decided from the start that my health is nothing to play with,” one respondent says. “I plan to take every recommended dose.” Another respondent believes “everyone” should get boosted, but “especially those who work with the public.”

However, 30 percent of respondents say they have not received the booster and don’t plan on it. “No more boosters,” one respondent says. Seven percent would like to learn more before they decide. Others say they have received an “older” booster dose and didn’t think another updated booster would be available so soon. All but two respondents who said they do not plan on getting the jab were female ODs. Male respondents more often noted they have not yet received the vaccine even if they intend to eventually, while most female respondents who wanted the jab have already received it.

Other respondents wrote:

“It’s better to get and use the layers of protection available for our use.”

“I prefer to give myself as much protection as possible. Losing 10 days of work would be a nightmare.”

“Why would I get any of these vaccines?”


79 percent of respondents were female ODs, and 10 percent were male ODs. Another 10 percent were non-OD females.


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