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POP-UP POLL: You’ve Got Personality – RESULTS

More than half [58%] of the respondents to a recent WO Pop-up Poll said that they do not use personality testing in their practices. Nearly 21 percent said that they do use formally use this type of testing with staff members, while another 21 percent said that they assess personalities for hiring and job placement without any official testing.

Twenty-seven percent of those who responded said that they use information from personality profiles when considering staff decisions, while nearly 40 percent said that they do not.

One poll participant shared, “Our primal behavior can be much different from learned behavior that works for group dynamics better. The personality tests can point out our base personality, but doesn’t always assess how learned behavior changes our personality due to experience.” Another said, “I use the disc profile which gives insight on how to speak to each person and how they interact. It shows their weaknesses and strength.”

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