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Survey reveals millennials are least likely to return for annual exams

Most contact lens wearers have room for improvement when it comes to following their doctor’s recommendations for maintaining good eye health, according to a new survey commissioned by Sightbox, Inc. among 1,000 U.S. adults.

The survey found that while 81 percent of respondents say they are likely to receive an eye exam within the next 12 months, only half report being very likely to receive an eye exam. Comparatively, 85 percent say they are likely to receive a physical in the next 12 months, but 62 percent are very likely to receive a physical. In fact, those needing vision correction are more likely to receive a physical in the next 12 months than an eye exam. Of this group, millennials are the least likely to receive an eye exam with 77 percent being likely and only 45 percent being very likely to do so.

Of those likely to wear contacts longer than advised, the top motivators for improved compliance are:

Convenience: A monthly subscription to a contact lens service (40 percent).

Education: More information about the health risks of wearing contact lenses for too long (40 percent) and how long to wear contact lenses (24 percent).

Addressing contact lens wearers’ evolving needs and expectations, Sightbox simplifies the vision care process by providing a comprehensive eye exam, contact lens fitting, concierge service and an annual contact lens supply. Costs are distributed evenly throughout the year as part of a monthly membership fee. Members receive contact lens shipments automatically to encourage compliance with their wear schedule. When their prescription is close to expiring, Sightbox asks for the member’s availability and sets up their next eye exam, supporting the healthy habit of an annual exam.

Sightbox also offers unbranded educational materials about eye health, contact lens usage, digital eyestrain and other topics that doctors can share with their patients.

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