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Welcoming the Holiday Season with Gifts and Celebrations

“It’s so important to make sure our employees feel appreciated!” shared a recent Women In Optometry Pop-Up Poll participant, and the overwhelming majority of respondents seem to feel the same: 77 percent stated that they host a party or event and give presents to their team during the holiday season.

Seventy-eight percent do their gift-giving around the Christmas holiday, and another 14 percent stated they give around the end of the year. Five percent do not give a gift; this same percentage also stated that they choose to have a party instead of giving gifts or cash.

What’s the best gift to give? Fifty-two percent said cash, and another 23 percent said that they give the same gift to everyone such as a tumbler, jacket or gift certificate. Twelve percent said that they research individual gifts for each team member. A number of respondents shared that they enjoy a white elephant-style gift exchange or that they spread out their celebration over the course of a week.

When giving cash, 53 percent said that they base the amount off of a formula regarding the individual’s salary and amount of time worked in the year. Thirty-two percent give the same cash gift to all, and many others cited that the years of service with the company play a part in determining this gift.

Overall, most respondents seem to enjoy this time of year with proper strategies in place. Forty-three percent said that it’s not stressful at all and that they enjoy the hubbub, and 36 percent said that while it is somewhat stressful, they have taken steps to take the guesswork out. Fifteen percent said that this time of year is quite stressful as there are expectations and conflicts.

Respondents shared a number of comments regarding gift giving during the holiday season.

We do a week of Christmas, small gift in mail box each day, typically under $20. Then on Friday, a Christmas lunch at local nice restaurant. At the lunch we do main gift, around $25, attached to a Visa card. We also do an ornament exchange that we draw names for, limit is only $5 on this. It is a fun week and we do it the first week of December to kick off the season.

We give Amazon gift cards.

We give a dollar amount starting with $50 if they have worked with us less than three months and add $50 to each year after. We have one employee who has been with us 25 years and several more than 12 so their Christmas bonuses are up there!

Our company does not give gifts, but I personally give a bottle of wine to each staff member. The case empties very quickly when I bring it!

Most of the bosses do not give their associate OD any “gift” and staff expects associate OD to give gift to each member.

I’ve been trying to switch things up-to do a staff activity-like getting nails done or spa services or makeup done with some cash for shopping. I am trying to get away from just cash or a check because it’s less personal and staff tend to forget about it versus an activity where everyone has fun.

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